About Novaerus

At Novaerus, We Believe What You Breathe Matters

We developed a technology that significantly reduces unhealthy contaminants. This technology quickly and effectively decreases airborne viruses, bacteria, particulates, mold, VOCs and odors. It cleans the air and creates a healthier environment. 


Our technology has been tested by top institutions and is used in over 8,000 facilities throughout the world.   We have brought healthy air solutions to many businesses in healthcare, education, hospitality, and other arenas.


We are committed to providing healthy air. 



Novaerus is based on a patented technology invented in 2006.  Further testing and clinical trials began in Europe in 2008 and a radical upgrade of the technology occurred 2011. A year later Novaerus entered the US market.  In 2017, Novaerus continues to see broad adoption of our technology, with installations in over 30 countries. Click here to view map and contact details for our local partners around the globe.