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Presidential Palace Signing - Novaerus Cares for the Air in Vietnam


Remove airborne viruses, bacteria, moulds, odours and VOCs.

People we care for in facilities throughout the world need better defense against pathogens in the air. How do we protect them? Novaerus’s patented DBD Plasma reduces the bioburden in the air, making the air safer and healthier for those who matter most. This technology completely inactivates pathogens on contact. The Novaerus system safely destroys even the most harmful contaminants:

Provide better air quality in your facilities with Novaerus

Patented 24×7 system is always working

Novaerus has perfected the power of plasma. Unlike other air purification devices, it produces no harmful byproducts. It is perfectly safe for use around children and vulnerable populations. Our technology is perfect for commercial and healthcare environments. Virtually no maintenance required.

  • No filters have to be regularly changed
  • No bulbs have to be replaced
  • Zero downtime

The Novaerus Plasma technology rapidly inactivates the DNA in pathogens


Dr. Ram Prasad Gandhiraman Research Scientist, NASA

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Kill airborne virus, bacteria, molds* before they settle on surfaces and people.

Sneeze. Cough. Move. It all stirs contaminants in the air. Once in flight, they can travel up to 2 weeks on air currents in the room.Don’t let them land; kill pathogens in the air, before they settle on people or surfaces. Make the critical infection control pledge that too many facilities neglect. Our team of engineers, physicists, and clinicians support this commitment to safer, healthier, air.