Susque-View Honored with Innovation of the Year

Susque-View Honored with “Innovation of the Year” Award with Implementation of Novaerus Technology


PA Coalition of Affiliated Healthcare & Living Communities grants 2016 “Innovation of the Year” award and also awarded “no deficiencies” by the Department of Health

Raleigh, NC – November 3, 2016 – Last week, Susque-View Home was honored with a rare award combination in the Long Term Care industry for both excellence and innovation. The Pennsylvania Coalition of Affiliated Healthcare & Living Communities named them their 2016 “Innovation of the Year” facility for their innovative approach to infection control using Novaerus technology.


Also, the Department of Health (DOH) honored them with an excellence award. The DOH sends experts to look for deficiencies in nursing homes and only a small fraction, less than 10%, are found to have ‘no deficiency’, but Susque-View is a rare exception.   “In an industry where less than 10% of nursing home facilities receive a ‘no deficiencies’ finding from the Department of Health and are often not seen as innovative, we are inspired and honored by both of these recent recognitions,” says Jamie Aurand, Susque-View Home Administrator.


He continues, “The two honors, arriving so close to one another, underline the excellence of our staff, and the commitment to innovation to make Susque-View a better home. Our choice to install Novaerus technology has not only helped stop the spread of infections, such as flu outbreaks, but also cut costs associated with the spread of airborne pathogens.”   The innovation award recognizes a member facility or business for innovative work done to improve the quality of resident care that can be used as an example for others interested in replicating the improvements.   “A resident was recently admitted to the facility who had a very stubborn C-Diff infection,” Aurand said. “Traditional approaches to treatment were unsuccessful,” he said, “but the staff installed a portable Novaerus machine in the patient’s room and within three months, the resident was infection free.”


Novaerus recognizes the hard work and achievement of Susque-View and is proud to provide comprehensive infection defense technologies for its indoor facilities. Its safe design runs 24/7 to annihilate airborne pathogens. Novaerus technology can be found in healthcare, education, hospitality and other commercial institutions across the globe.

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Novaerus is committed to the highest indoor air quality. Developed in 2008, Novaerus technology generates what is called a Dielectric Barrier Discharge plasma or DBD. When microorganisms in the air, including toxins, come into contact with the DBD plasma, they are eliminated. Novaerus technology is available in over 30 countries. To learn more about Novaerus and its air quality control solutions, visit


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