Product Range

Silent, vigilant 24/7 air defense systems facility wide. From in-duct HVAC to individual room solutions, our technology seeks and destroys the smallest of harmful targets.

Novaerus Portable Units




  • Covers average room sizes – 200 sq ft
  • Mount it on a wall or move it around
  • Safely runs 24 hours a day


Destroy even the smallest targets

The NV200 is designed to fit small spaces. It removes odors, viruses, mold and other harmful pathogens. Perfect for resident rooms, hotel rooms, offices and other small spaces.

We deploy based on facility

  1. Review your facility floor plan
  2. Determine the best places to deploy
  3. Deploy based on a custom fit for your unique space

Our air defense systems are a critical part of a complete odor and infection prevention program.

Where to place

Use the NV200 in small spaces to protect guests, residents, staff, patients or visitors.

  • Place units on bedside tables
  • Mount and tuck away in guest rooms
  • Place in individual offices
  • Place the portable unit in ailing resident rooms to prevent infectious spread
  • Place in small shared areas, such as game rooms


  • Protection for 200 sq ft
  • Option to hang on wall or move around
  • Ideal for soiled utility rooms


Harnessed Power of Plasma

The NV400 is designed for use in Bio Hazard environments where higher air flow capacity is required. It is often used in soiled utility rooms or other small areas that are prone to high odor. It makes air behind the scenes a pleasure to breathe.

Destroys harmful pathogens

  1. Improves indoor air quality in small spaces
  2. On contact, plasma destroys VOCs
  3. Removes odors


Common uses of the NV400:

  • Hang in a permanent location, such as a soiled utility room
  • Move to highly odorous locations to combat unpleasant odors
  • Place in small shared areas, such as game rooms


  • Covers 200 – 1000 sq ft
  • Mount it on a wall or move it around
  • Safely runs 24 hours a day


Total annihilation

The NV800/NV900 offers a simple plug and play design  that runs non-stop safely. Our silent defense systems clean ordinary air to combat invisible, harmful airborne pathogens. *NV800/NV900 offers the same technology the only difference is availability based on location.

Care for the air

Many facilities overlook air care until there is a mold, virus or odor outbreak. Quality air provides a critical component to prevention programs.

* NV800 only available in EMEA

* NV900 only available in US

Where to Place Them

Protect residents, staff and visitors in:

  • High traffic areas such as hallways, community and game rooms
  • Individual rooms of high risk patients
  • Odorous rooms
  • Healthy resident rooms during other highly contagious seasons


  • Purify 1000 sq. ft. of space
  • Free standing, mobile unit
  • 19.9” (w) x 39.4” (h) x 18.3” (d)
  • 66 lbs
  • Precision cut casing with white powder coat finish


A Service For Healthy Air

The NV1000 is a powerful terminal unit that provides effective air purification in a rapid time frame . Harnessing the power of plasma, it reduces viruses, mold, bacteria, particulates and odor.


Facility Solutions

The NV1000 is a powerful, mobile terminal unit used to conquer jobs in high bioburden areas.

  • Decrease contaminants in high use or high odor areas
  • Move easily from location to location to treat hot spots

Novaerus Air Treatment Models

Hand washing and surface cleaning are important steps to infection prevention. The third step is protecting and cleansing the air around you. Novaerus technology creates a signature plasma field. On contact with the plasma field, airborne bacteria, pathogens, mold, allergens and odors are rendered inert.