The first line of protection against airborne viruses and bacteria



The first line of protection against airborne viruses and bacteria

NanoStrike is the core, patented technology that powers all Novaerus portable air dis-infection devices.

This plasma-based nanotechnology kills all airborne microorganisms on contact providing the first line of protection against viruses and bacteria.

How it Works

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Medical-Grade Air Protection

Wherever people are coming and going there are pathogens being introduced to indoor environments.


Novaerus portable air dis-infection devices are designed for rapid remediation in situations where infection risk is high and continuous air disinfection, particle reduction, odour mitigation and VOC control to restore and maintain indoor air quality.

Independently Tested & Proven

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Deactivates BACTERIA

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Deactivates VIRUSES

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Deactivates MOULD

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Reduces VOCs

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Reduces ODOURS


NanoStrike technology has been independently tested and proven effective at killing and de-activating the smallest of airborne viruses, bacteria, mould spores and VOCs in dozens of independent laboratory tests.

In case studies and clinical trials, Novaerus products have been demonstrated to reduce infections and improve wellbeing in real-world settings.

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Novaerus devices have been independently tested for safe continuous use around patients and staff. Our portable air disinfection solutions are trusted by hundreds of healthcare facilities worldwide.

Novaerus Cleans the Air to Reduce Infection

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Uzsoki Hospital, Hungary

  • Safely deactivate viruses like influenza, norovirus, measles, and coronavirus
  • Reduce staff sick time

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After the initial COVID-19 crisis period had ended, 60 pulmonology workers were screened for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. Nationally, 8% of Hungary’s healthcare professionals had been infected; in the Uzsoki COVID-19 department, not a single staff member tested positive for antibodies, an outcome the hospital’s chief COVID-19 nurse attributes in part to continuous air dis-infection.

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Leopardstown Park Hospital, Ireland

  • Prevent outbreaks of MRSA, C. diff, Influenza, Norovirus
  • Reduce staff sick time

We ended up with clinical and financial benefits beyond our expectations. We haven't had a single influenza outbreak in a year, and staff sick leave is down by 45% year-on-year. I can't recommend Novaerus highly enough.


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Linde Healthcare, Austria

  • Infection control
  • Allergy control
  • Improve employee productivity & wellbeing

Read the Case Study

Following a five-month trial, our results were extremely positive. After one winter, employee sick time was reduced by 40%. In addition to the health improvements, employees noticed the office was fresh and lacked its previous winter season staleness.

Air Dis-infection Devices


Novaerus portable devices are simple to use, low-maintenance and can be moved easily to point of care. With no harmful byproducts, they can be used 24/7 around the most vulnerable of people.

Xl novaerus 1050
Defend 1050

NanoStrike technology combined with a triple-stage Camfil® filter system and five-speed fan. Free-standing, portable unit ideal for rapid remediation in large, high-risk spaces.

Xl novaerus 900
Protect 800

Ultra-low energy plasma combined with a two-speed fan. Unit can be wall-mounted or placed on a stand and is ideal for continuous infection control, odour mitigation, and air quality maintenance in medium indoor spaces.

Xl novaerus 200
Protect 200

NanoStrike technology combined with a single-speed fan. Wall-mounted or table-top unit ideal for continuous infection control, odour mitigation, and air quality maintenance in small indoor spaces.

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