Leopardstown Park Hospital Case Study

Leopardstown Park Hospital; Dublin, Ireland
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Leopardstown Park is a 197-bed hospital located in Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 1917, the hospital offers residential daycare, a day centre, respite care, and convalescent care for the elderly and war veterans. In keeping with the hospital’s vision to be a leading provider of high quality, person-centred services for older people, Leopardstown is constantly searching for innovative solutions to keep both their patients and staff safe.


In 2011, when a patient in the Leopardstown Park Hospital’s nightingale ward began to suffer with leg ulcers, one side effect was a severe odour issue. As well as causing discomfort to the patient, the odour began to affect the wellbeing of the entire ward.


In an effort to reduce the odour, the hospital installed a number of Protect 200s and Protect 800s throughout the ward for an initial 2-week trial. After the Novaerus devices were deployed, Leopardstown Park Hospital observed an immediate reduction in odours. As well as improving the comfort level of the patients and staff on that ward, the hospital began to realise the unique benefits of using Novaerus technology and continued to deploy the devices throughout the hospital.


Reduction in staff costs

After one year, a ward in Leopardstown Park Hospital using the Novaerus devices observed a 46% reduction in staff sickness, as compared to wards without the technology. As a result, there was a mirrored decline in agency costs, resulting in reduced workload and pressure on permanent staff and a reduction in the training and administrative paperwork associated with hiring agency staff. As well as this, the hospital noted an overall happier hospital environment with patients being cared for by the permanent staff they were familiar with. According to the hospital, sometimes being cared for by unfamiliar agency staff can cause disruption and upset for patients.

Reduction in Infectious Outbreaks

As well as the benefit of reduced staff costs, Leopardstown Park observed no outbreaks of MRSA, C. diff, Influenza, or Norovirus on wards equipped with Novaerus devices. The reduction in outbreaks in turn brought a decrease in infection rates, antibiotic use, and odour issues.

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