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Patented plasma technology solutions for healthier indoor environments worldwide

Our patented 24/7 system is always working

Novaerus has perfected the power of plasma. Unlike other air purification devices, it produces no harmful byproducts. It is perfectly safe for use around children and vulnerable populations. Our technology is efficient, easy to install, and economical for commercial, industrial and healthcare environments. Virtually no maintenance required.

Novaerus Portable Units

We would like you to know we are having continued success with your technology. Not only does the environment continue to be clean and fresh and bacteria/virus free, we are keeping the staff and the patients healthy. As a matter of fact, this is the third consecutive year that we have not closed admissions due to an outbreak.

Owner of 3 SNF Facilities


Plasma Air was a key element to our success as a casino in a highly competitive market. By improving our air quality, patrons are more likely to stay longer.

Facilities Manager

Tortoise Rock Casino