Dis-Infect the Air

Reduce infection by destroying pathogens in the air with our patented ultra-low energy plasma technology.

Cleaner air means cleaner surfaces and hands. 

Complement your surface cleaning and hand hygiene protocols with continuous air dis-infection. 

Our non-chemical ultra-low energy plasma technology is powerful enough to destroy pathogens on contact, yet gentle enough for continued use around vulnerable populations.  

How it works
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Multi-Purpose Problem Solver

Novaerus non-chemical air dis-infection units are designed for rapid remediation in situations where infection risk is high – operating theatres, intensive care units, emergency rooms – and continuous air dis-infection, particle reduction, odour mitigation and VOC control in patient wards, senior living homes, and schools. 

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Multi-Purpose Problem Solver

Novaerus non-chemical air dis-infection units are designed for rapid remediation in situations where infection risk is high – operating theatres, intensive care units, emergency rooms – and continuous air dis-infection, particle reduction, odour mitigation and VOC control in patient wards, senior living homes, and schools. 

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Tested & Proven

Novaerus technology has been shown to be safe and effective in dozens of laboratory tests, case studies, and clinical trials conducted around the world. 

  • Clostridium difficile Spore Reduction

    Novaerus Defend 1050 was shown to reduce 99.6% of airborne C. difficile within the first 20 minutes of operation and >99.9% after 40 minutes.

    Tags: Airmid, Ireland, NV1050, Bacteria
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  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis Bacteria Reduction

    Novaerus Defend 1050 was shown to reduce the concentration of M. smegmatis (surrogate for M. tuberculosis) by 97% after 30 minutes of operation.

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  • Formaldehyde Reduction

    Novaerus Protect 800/900 was shown to reduce formaldehyde by 85% during a 14-hour testing experiment.

    Tags: NV800/900, Avomeen, VOC, Michigan, US, VOC
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  • Influenza A Reduction

    Novaerus Defend 1050 was shown to reduce 99.9% of airborne Influenza A within the first 10-20 minutes of operation.

    Tags: Airmid, Ireland, NV1050, VIRUS
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  • Particle Reduction

    Novaerus Defend 1050 removed 99% of PM2.5 within 6.26 minutes and 99% of PM1.0 within 6.33 minutes.

    Tags: NV1050, Camfil, Particles, Sweden
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  • Staphylococcus epidermidis Bacteria Reduction

    Novaerus Defend 1050 achieved a microbial cell reduction of 99.94% of Staphylococcus epidermidis within 15 minutes of operation.

    Tags: NV1050, BACTERIA, MRSA
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  • Airborne Allergen Reduction

    Novaerus Protect 800/900 shown to reduce overall allergens by 41.16%, including house dust mites, feline dander, canine dander, and pollen.

    Tags: NV800/900, Indoor Biotechnologies, Wales, UK, ALLERGIES
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  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Reduction

    Novaerus Protect 800/900 reduced 99.99% of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria over the course of four hours.

    Tags: NV800, NV900, Microbac, North Carolina, US, BACTERIA
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      The operation of the machines has clearly improved air quality, significantly decreasing and eliminating the unpleasant smells that were present previously. The noise emitted by the equipment is insignificant, it does not disturb the patients. The [test] results reveal that apart from reducing the quantity of organic molecules causing the smells, the equipment also significantly decreased the quantity of pathogenic organisms.

      University of Szeged, Hungary

    • Large seoul metropolitan fire and disaster headquarters

      Since a few colleagues had been infected by MERS, we were looking for an air sterilizer to protect emergency medical technicians who are exposed to dangerous environments with viruses and bacteria when delivering undiagnosed patients. After comparing many devices in the market, Head Quarters has finally nominated Novaerus for mandatory installation in all new ambulances because it has been proven especially effective for several kinds of bacteria and viruses with clinical test reports, and no filter is needed. After Novaerus was installed, there was no longer a terrible smell of the chemical reagent and no headaches occurred. Having Novaerus makes us feel safe.

      Kangnam Fire Station, Seoul, Korea

    • Large haus der ruhe

      We have tested the Novaerus devices thoroughly and we are now absolutely convinced by their positive impact. We are about to install them everywhere in our facility to protect our patients, their families and our staff from dangerous infections – in particular Norovirus and MRSA – as well as strong odours.

      Pflegeresidenz Haus der Ruhe (Retirement Home), Garbsen, Germany

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      Since Novaerus airborne infection control technology has been installed in our department – comparing to previous years’ trends – there have been no outbreaks (MRSA, Clostridium difficile, Influenza) and the air quality has generally improved; bad odour formerly detected from time-to-time in the wards and permanently in the laundry storage area has been completely eliminated by now.

      Uzsoki Hospital, Budapest, Hungary

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      Not a single infection occurred after the installation of the Novaerus devices. Novaerus helped to reassure mothers over safety concerns and contributed to increased revenue by differentiating us from other hospitals that don’t offer the technology. Furthermore, during the periodical test by the Public Health Inspectors for air quality, Novaerus exceeded our expectations and we managed to get approval without any problem.

      Korea Medical Hub, H-Cube Neonatal Centre

    • Large 4  leopardstown house

      We ended up with clinical and financial benefits beyond our expectations. We haven't had a single influenza outbreak in a year, and staff sick leave is down by 45% year-on-year. I can't recommend Novaerus highly enough.

      Leopardstown Park Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

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      We have shown a reduction in upper respiratory infections by 60% over past years’ numbers. We have reduced the number of isolation days for C-diff patients by 20% on average and feel that this occurs because of reduction in airborne cells. We have not had a norovirus outbreak this year or flu, even though both are in the community. Christian

      Health Center of Hopkinsville, Kentucky

    • Large logo svb

      In the case of the air samples collected during the period of operation of the system, the number of colony-forming units was up to 96% lower than in the case of air samples collected before the system started to be used for strains of both bacteria and fungi. The hospital staff found the Novaerus air purification system to be: tolerable, easy to use and safe for patients and staff. The Novaerus air purification system complements existing measures to combat infections and does not require additional interventions to ensure that it functions without interruption.

      Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Diseases “Dr. Victor Babes,” Bucharest, Romania

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      After one winter’s use of Novaerus’ products, our employee sick time was reduced by 40% and improved the office’s indoor air quality. In addition to the health improvements noted, employees noticed the office was fresh and lacked its previous winter season staleness.

      Linde Healthcare, Vienna, Austria

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