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Novaerus is a global company working to disinfect and purify indoor air for optimal human health and building performance. 

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Irish roots, global reach.

Novaerus is on a mission to reduce indoor airborne pollutants that lead to infection, allergies, asthma, and irritation. We envision a world where indoor spaces foster rather than detract from human health, productivity, and wellbeing. 

The patented plasma technology used in Novaerus portable devices was invented in Ireland in 2006. Clinical trials began in Europe in 2008 and a radical upgrade of the technology was completed in 2011. In 2016, Novaerus purchased Plasma Air and sister company, Aerisa, adding HVAC bipolar ionization technology to our portfolio and expanding into industrial and commercial applications. Today, Novaerus, Plasma Air, and Aerisa installations can be found in hundreds of hospitals, senior living facilites, schools, emergency vehicles, casinos, airports, railway stations, residences, and industrial facilities worldwide.


An Ecosystem for Healthy Air.

Novaerus provides an ecosystem for healthy air designed to reduce illness, optimize wellbeing and productivity, and save on energy costs in high-density buildings. The ecosystem combines Novaerus in-room portable air disinfection units, Plasma Air HVAC air purification devices, smart sensors and monitoring software. Affordable and simple to install in existing buildings or new construction, the Novaerus ecoystem delivers measurable improvement in indoor air quality and energy cost savings. For more information about the full Novaerus ecosystem, contact us. 

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