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Reduce Risk of Illness & Absenteeism

Keep students and staff healthy and engaged in learning with optimal indoor air quality.

Inactivate Airborne Pathogens & Pollutants in Schools & Child Care

Children together in spaces such as classrooms and childcare centers allow for the rapid spread of bacteria and viruses. Children breathe in more oxygen relative to their body weight than adults, making them vulnerable to airborne illness.

Many schools and child care centers have hand washing and surface cleaning policies, but they do not account for harmful pathogens that can remain airborne indefinitely. Not to mention high-touch environments, such as classrooms, need frequent surface disinfection.

Reduce viral outbreaks like SARS-CoV-2, influenza and norovirus
Reduce allergens such as dander, pollen, dust, and mou ld spores
Neutralise odours and VOCs emitted by furniture, paint, and cleaning chemicals

NanoStrike Technology is powerful, yet gentle. With no harmful byproducts, it is safe for use around children, the elderly, and the sick. Novaerus portable devices are simple to use, low-maintenance and highly effective for rapid or continuous airborne infection control. 

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  • Kindergarten Mamos Delne, Lithuania

    Kindergarten Mamos Delne deployed a Protect 800 device in each of their three classrooms for an initial trial period. Two months into the trial, a child in Mamos Delne’s care became infected with rotavirus. The virus was easily contained with only a handful of children experiencing any symptoms.

    After the trial period had ended, the Novaerus devices were removed from Mamos Delne. Shortly after, the kindergarten was hit with another outbreak of rotavirus infecting 100% of the children in the facility. Following this outbreak, the parents of the children in Mamos Delne’s care demanded the Novaerus devices be reinstalled. 

    Kindergarten Mamos Delne, Lithuania

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  • The Linde Group, Austria

    After one winter’s use of Novaerus’ products, our employee sick time was reduced by 40% and improved the office’s indoor air quality. In addition to the health improvements noted, employees noticed the office was fresh and lacked its previous winter season staleness.

    Linde Healthcare, Vienna, Austria

  • Wassan Dental Speciality Centre, Oman

    Two weeks after installation, Wassan Dental staff observed a noticeable reduction in odour and patients noted a fresh quality to the air inside the clinic. As well as the fresher, cleaner smelling air, staff were reassured to know that Novaerus was operating continuously in the background to eliminate infectious pathogens and allergens from the air, protecting the health of everyone in the clinic.

    Wassan Dental Speciality Centre, Oman

  • Haus der Ruhe, Germany

    We have tested the Novaerus devices thoroughly and we are now absolutely convinced by their positive impact. We are about to install them everywhere in our facility to protect our patients, their families and our staff from dangerous infections – in particular Norovirus and MRSA – as well as strong odours.

    Pflegeresidenz Haus der Ruhe (Retirement Home), Garbsen, Germany

  • Leopardstown Park, Ireland

    We ended up with clinical and financial benefits beyond our expectations. We haven't had a single influenza outbreak in a year, and staff sick leave is down by 45% year-on-year. I can't recommend Novaerus highly enough.

    Leopardstown Park Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

  • St George’s Hospital, Mumbai, India

    We installed and tested Novaerus Air Disinfection Units in St George’s Hospital, Mumbai. The units have been working 24/7 since early May 2020 in COVID-19 ICU wards. The Microbiology Department conducted bio-burden tests in the COVID-19 ICU wards at regular intervals (air settle plates method) for one month and found the CFU count was always within permissible limits when [the Novaerus] machines were working.

    Based on our experience, we requested that Trivector Biomed install multiple units of the Novaerus NV800 and NV1050 in various COVID-19 ICU’s, OT and isolation wards to continuously reduce the bio-burden and help protect patients, doctors and healthcare workers.

  • Hospital H-Cube, South Korea

    Not a single infection occurred after the installation of the Novaerus devices. Novaerus helped to reassure mothers over safety concerns and contributed to increased revenue by differentiating us from other hospitals that don’t offer the technology. Furthermore, during the periodical test by the Public Health Inspectors for air quality, Novaerus exceeded our expectations and we managed to get approval without any problem.

    Korea Medical Hub, H-Cube Neonatal Centre

  • Specialised Hospital, Poland

    Results of microbiological tests of the air in the areas where the devices were installed revealed significant reduction in the number of microorganisms. Moreover, permanent elimination of unwanted odours in the tested rooms was noted. The devices tested in our facility deserve to be widely used in healthcare institutions, and particularly in sites of high epidemiological risk.

    Specialised Hospital, Chorzów, Poland

  • Uzsoki Hospital, Hungary

    "After the initial COVID-19 crisis period had ended, 60 pulmonology workers were screened for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. Nationally, 8% of Hungary’s healthcare professionals had been infected; in the Uzsoki COVID-19 department, not a single staff member tested positive for antibodies, an outcome the hospital’s chief COVID-19 nurse attributes in part to continuous air dis-infection"

  • Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Romania

    In the case of the air samples collected during the period of operation of the system, the number of colony-forming units was up to 96% lower than in the case of air samples collected before the system started to be used for strains of both bacteria and fungi. The hospital staff found the Novaerus air purification system to be: tolerable, easy to use and safe for patients and staff. The Novaerus air purification system complements existing measures to combat infections and does not require additional interventions to ensure that it functions without interruption.

    Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Diseases “Dr. Victor Babes,” Bucharest, Romania

  • University of Szeged, Hungary

    The operation of the machines has clearly improved air quality, significantly decreasing and eliminating the unpleasant smells that were present previously. The noise emitted by the equipment is insignificant, it does not disturb the patients. The [test] results reveal that apart from reducing the quantity of organic molecules causing the smells, the equipment also significantly decreased the quantity of pathogenic organisms.

    University of Szeged, Hungary

    NanoStrike Technology

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