Micrococcus luteus reduction

Dr Nicholas Rhodes PhD & Prof Anthony Fisher PhD MD
Innovation Agency
Full Report


This in vitro study demonstrated the efficacy of the Defend 1050 device at removing aerosolized Micrococcus luteus bacteria. The Defend 1050 device is designed to reduce airborne bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores in order to decrease infection rates from airborne pathogens.


Micrococcus luteus was aerosolized into a 58.8m3 room containing the Defend 1050 for evaluation. The Defend 1050 was evaluated at fan speed 5 and air samples were taken every 5 or 10 minutes depending on the test in order to quantify the reduction capabilities of the device at maximum speed. Control trial data was subtracted from the Defend 1050 trial data to yield net LOG reduction for bioaerosol reductions. An external company was used to count samples to ensure the results were blinded.


The Defend 1050 average bacterial reduction of 99.2% (2.08 log) in 60 minutes in a 58.8m3 room. 

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