Haus an der Traisen Case Study

Haus an der Traisen Senior Living Home
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Since 2014, the Haus an der Traisen senior living home in St. Pölten have supplemented their existing hygiene protocols with Novaerus air purification units to help control infection and reduce odour.


Haus an der Traisen is home to several patients who have malignant diseases with large ulcerating tumours. Changing the bandages on these tumours each day is time-consuming, stressful and unpleasant for both carers and patients due to the unpleasant odours produced by the wound. In the past, the senior living home would use essential oils in an attempt to cover up the odour. However, both patients and carers often complained that the scent of the oils was too strong or unpleasant, especially for patients whose sense of smell and taste was changed as a result of chemotherapy treatments. 

The senior living home was also concerned about infections being transmitted to staff and other residents from patients with a known infection such as MRSA, despite these patients being housed in individual rooms.


Haus an der Traisen deployed Novaerus Protect 200 portable devices in single patient rooms and the Protect 800 in the outpatient facility and physiotherapy room where larger groups of patients congregate. 

Novaerus devices use active purification plasma technology to safely and gently deactivate airborne pathogens and microorganisms at the DNA level resulting in lower risk of infection being transmitted via the air, surfaces and hands, and noticeably reduced odours.


Following an initial trial period, the feedback from carers and patients was overwhelmingly positive. Carers even demanded that the senior living home continue to use the Novaerus devices to maintain a more hygienic and safe environment for themselves and their patients.

Carers and patients reported that the odour from an hour-long bandage change was significantly reduced with continuous use of Novaerus device, making the experience less stressful and more comfortable and improved patients’ sense of wellbeing.

Carers reported the Novaerus devices to be extremely easy to use and maintain, and quiet enough so as not disturb the hospice patients.


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